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Strategies for Flora Conservation in Asia
cover photo: Strategies for Flora Conservation in Asia

Suhirman et al., 1994

Prominent scientists discuss ex situ and in situ plant conservation, environmental education, flora species monitoring, ethnobotany, orchid inventories, economically important plant species, timber research and international networking with examples from research based in China, Japan, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, United States and Latin America.

Wild Orchids of Indonesia
cover photo: Wild Orchids of Indonesia

Pfeiffer, 1994

This introductory text to the Indonesian Botanic Gardens vast orchid collections - the largest ex situ conservation collection of wild orchids in Southeast Asia - contains over 80 color photos representing 77 species and 32 genera, organized by biogeographical zones within the Indonesian Archipelago.

Annotated Ethnobotanical Bibliography on Malesian Flora
cover photo: Ethnobotanical References for Malesia

Wibawa, 1999

The first edition of this bibliography describes over 150 indexed references dating from 1901 - 1998 relating to plants used for medicinal, structural, ceremonial and economic uses, and of agricultural, conservation or biodiversity importance within the geographic area of Malesia (Southeast Asia excluding the continental nations of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam).

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