ECO-SEA: The Ethnobotanical Conservation Organization for South East Asia
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ECO-SEA projects stress cooperation and the equitable sharing of responsibility and benefits. As part of our cooperative emphasis, we work with national and international counterpart agencies, indigenous communities, students and scholars. We welcome the active involvement of persons committed to a long-term vision and a truly participatory process aimed at the conservation of both biological and cultural diversity. We welcome persons interested in working with us to review our ECO-SEA Affiliate protocol.

Building Bridges with Traditional Knowledge II Group, Hawaii

Since 2001 ECO-SEA has sponsored international conference sessions and symposia in Hawaii, Australia, California and The Philippines, where we co-present our research and conservation efforts jointly with our Southeast Asian national counterparts and community research associates. These conferences represent an invaluable opportunity for our associates to network with colleagues in similar endeavors, and to promote our unique collaborative methodology to scholars and practitioners interested in starting similar ventures.

Hendrikus Eddy with the Parkers

International study tours for our Indonesian colleagues since 1998 have resulted in unique collaborations between our Bali and Flores-based research associates and academicians, agency representatives and native communities in Northern California. The study tours of three weeks - three months involve our research associates in professional training programs (in taxonomy, botanic gardens management, computer skills, ESL and historical interpretation), visits to state and national parks and museums, and seminar presentations at universities and horticultural societies, along with fundraising events to support our field projects.