ECO-SEA: The Ethnobotanical Conservation Organization for South East Asia

Are you interested in joining with ECO-SEA to help study and actively preserve native Southeast Asian plants and customs?

Please use this form to tell us about yourself and how you can contribute. Print a copy and return the completed form to us (address appears at bottom of the form).



Institution (if applicable)

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I would like to join ECO-SEA in the following capacity:

Individual Affiliate
Affiliates receive invitations to special events in California, and are entitled to 5 information requests per year as well as substantial discounts on ECO-SEA publications and ethnobotanical artifacts.

I am able to contribute a donation of:   $10    $20    $50   $100    other $__________

Volunteers contribute their time and talents to ECO-SEA for short periods of time throughtout the year. We welcome volunteers of any age or ethnicity.

Interns commit to at least 3 months of work, receive academic credit, and participate in a special biodiversity conservation training program.

Research Associate
Research Associates cooperate with ECO-SEA on ethnobotanical and conservation research projects in the U.S.A. or in South East Asia. Research Associates need not be affiliated with a university or institution.

Institutional Partner
Institutional partners collaborate with ECO-SEA on projects or events with ethnobotanical and/or conservation components. Institutional partners can be from the government, private or non-profit sector.

Please send me the following ECO-SEA texts:

Strategies for Flora Conservation in Asia, Suhirman et al., 1994 ______
Wild Orchids of Indonesia, Pfeiffer, 1994 ______
Annotated Ethnobotanical Bibliography for Malesia, Wibawa, 1999 ______
Cost per text: $5 + $2 shipping (Affiliates)
$10 + $2 shipping (Non-affiliates)
Total Amount Enclosed: $_______

Volunteer, Intern, Research Associate, and Insitutional Partner applicants: please provide us some information about your interests, experience, and availability. (Please include your answers on a separate sheet.)

1. What is your professional experience?
2. What is your academic training to date?
3. What informal training have your received?
4. What is your ethnobotanical or conservation interest?
5. What sort of project(s) would you like to work on?
6. How do you feel you could contribute to ECO-SEA?
7. What is your schedule availability (hours/days)? When could you begin?

ECO-SEA adheres to the highest standards of ethical conduct in our projects. For an example of the standards we expect our affiliates to adhere to, please read the ECO-SEA Affiliate Protocol form.

Send the completed form to ECO-SEA:

P.O. Drawer 1710
Davis, CA 95617

fax: +1 530.758.1716