ECO-SEA: The Ethnobotanical Conservation Organization for South East Asia
Get Involved!

ECO-SEA welcomes both novices and experts to work with us. You can become an ECO-SEA Volunteer or Intern, Individual Affiliate, Research Associate, or Institutional Partner, depending on your interests, background and availability.


Volunteers contribute their time and talents to ECO-SEA for short periods of time throughout the year. We welcome volunteers of any age or ethnicity.


ECO-SEA Interns commit to at least 3 months of work, receive academic credit, and participate in a special biodiversity conservation training program.

Individual Affiliate

Joining ECO-SEA as an Individual Affiliate entitles you to:

  1. Receive invitations to special events in California
  2. 5 information requests per year
  3. Substantial discounts on ECO-SEA publications and ethnobotanical artifacts
  4. A receipt for your tax-deductible donation

Research Associate

Research associates cooperate with ECO-SEA on ethnobotanical and conservation research projects in the U.S.A. or in South East Asia. Research associates need not be affiliated with a university or institution.

Institutional Partner

Institutional partners collaborate with ECO-SEA on projects or events with ethnobotanical and/or conservation components. Institutional partners can be from the government, private or non-profit sector.

More information on our current institutional partners...

ECO-SEA adheres to the highest standards of ethical conduct in our projects. For an example of the standards we expect our affiliates to adhere to, please read the ECO-SEA Affiliate Protocol form.

If you would like to become more involved with ECO-SEA, initiate a project or join us in the field, please complete the following form return a copy to us:

Join ECO-SEA form as PDF [73k]
Join ECO-SEA form as HTML