ECO-SEA: The Ethnobotanical Conservation Organization for South East Asia
Sago Palm

Plant Profiles
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The study of ethnobotany, or the relationship between people and plants, is at the heart of ECO-SEA. Founded on the proactive research and conservation of both traditional and modern ethnobotanical knowledge and practices, ECO-SEA also conducts broader studies on tradtional ecological [environmental] knowledge and the conservation of biocultural diversity.

As part of our ongoing research and conservation activities, ECO-SEA conducts annual expeditions to field sites throughout Southeast Asia. These expeditions are open to people who can adhere to our standards of cultural sensitivity, respectful conduct and compassion towards team members and the communities where we work. We invite interested persons to join one of our expeditions or to become our affiliate.

We also have a database of ethnobotanical interpretive materials which are available (at cost) for K-12 instructors who teach in English or Bahasa Indonesia. We have provided some excerpts from those interpretive materials on our site as "Plant Profiles."

ECO-SEA is part of a worldwide community of students, scholars, agencies and communities who study and conserve ethnobotanical knowledge and practices. We have provided links to a few key websites for institutions with whom we collaborate. We invite related organizations to develop reciprocal links between sites.