ECO-SEA: The Ethnobotanical Conservation Organization for South East Asia
Welcome to ECO-SEA

This year, ECO-SEA celebrates 15 years of working in partnership with indigenous, local, and national counterparts in the following areas:

· Biocultural diversity conservation
· Institutional capacity building
· Participatory education
· Poverty alleviation based on community empowerment
· Community-based ecotourism in remote areas

ECO-SEA is a vibrant non-profit organization dedicated to the collaborative study and active conservation of native Southeast Asian biological diversity (plants, animals, fish, fungi) and cultural diversity (languages, knowledge, beliefs, customs, traditional practices).

We have pioneered new methods of field research and innovative educational programs at local, national and international levels.

We welcome you to work with us!


Since its inception in 1995, ECO-SEA has facilitated the conservation of biological and cultural diversity through partnerships with local, national, and international colleagues. Our collaborative ventures stress the equitable sharing of responsibility and benefits. In practical terms, this translates into consortium-based project management teams where local community members have equal standing with national or international researchers.

Our participatory action research teams, composed of both academic and non-academic collaborators, operate within interdisciplinary programs where data is collected, analyzed, and critiqued cooperatively; seminars and publications are jointly authored and published; and financial and material resources are equally and transparently shared. Our participatory approach empowers local communities to conduct independent research and conservation programs, initiate and manage community development works, and play a more proactive role in determining their economic and cultural futures.


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